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About us

Started with an aromatic idea and a romantic dream, Alstar Candle grew with a humble beginning. Now, with more than 10 years experiences, Alstar Candle has been one of leading Massage Candle and scented soy candle manufacturer in China, providing excellent OEM/ODM services for many top brands in the fields of candles, aroma therapy, home decor, crafts, gifts, jewelries, cars etc.

Our main products are massage candle, scented soy candle, scented wax, reed diffuser,solid perfume and other wellness & aroma related goods. Soya wax, lead free cotton wick, essential oil and other natural body care ingredients are used to keep our candles natural,healthy,environment friendly. Our candles are produced according to US and EU import standards.Quality certificates and inspection & testing reports issued by authoritative third-party company can be provided according to customers requests.

Well trained workers, experienced technicians, up-to-date design department along with professional and well communicating sales personnel have created our unique opportunities to present our customers well-matched products and designs based on their target market tastes and demands.



Contact: Kevin Gong

Phone: +86 13864878416

Tel: +86 13864878416

Email: info@alstarcandle.com

Add: No. 237 Wannianquan Road, Qingdao, China

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