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Tips of Using the Reed Diffuser

1.Flip the reed sticks after an hour. Allow the reed sticks to sit in the oil for an hour, then take them out and flip them over so that the dry ends sit in the oil mixture. This will saturate both ends and quick-start the process of releasing the scent of the essential oil.
You should start to notice the scent of the essential oils after a day or so.

2.Swirl the oil every week. Make sure that you gently swirl the oil inside the reed diffuser about once a week to ensure that the oil mixture is adequately mixed. If you are using water and vodka as a base, swirl the mixture twice a week.

3.Flip the sticks every few days. After the first flip, get in the habit of flipping the reed sticks every three or four days. Flipping the sticks stops the sticks from drying out so that the scent of the oil can continue spreading.
You can flip after swirling the oil, or at a different time.

4.Add more oil when the scent diminishes. After a month or so, you may notice that even though you are regularly flipping the sticks, the scent of the essential oils seems to be diminishing. At this point, look inside the jar or vase and see how much of the oil mixture is left. Replace any of the oil mixture that has evaporated, keeping in mind the 75-85/15-25 ratio of carrier oil to essential oil.
If you are using water and alcohol as your base, you may have to replace the mixture inside the base more often than once a month. Stick to a ratio of 85/15 water and alcohol to essential oil.

5.Replace the reed sticks once a month. After about a month, you may also notice that the reed sticks have become completely saturated in oil. Replace the reed sticks every month or when you see that they have become saturated.
The oil should slightly darken the color of the reeds, so when the entire reed is darkened you can tell that it has become completely saturated.
Once the reed has become saturated, it does not diffuse the scent of the oil, which is why it is important to regularly replace used reeds.



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